California law requires building owners, landlords, operators and lessees to keep premises in a reasonably safe condition so that visitors, workers, tenants and guests don’t get hurt. The premises must also be habitable and not interfere with tenants quite enjoyment.

For over thirty years combined, Jennifer Fiore and Sophia Achermann have been successfully holding negligent property owners and property managers accountable when they unreasonably fail to keep their premises in a safe condition.

Jennifer and Sophia have experience handling all types of injuries that have occurred due to someone’s negligent management of an apartment complex, residential building, home, commercial building or because of a dangerous street, walkway path or dog. They have handled nuisance and trespass cases that have interfere with people’s free use of their home or property, and comfortable enjoyment of life or property.

From construction sites to apartment complexes, condominiums, town homes, music venues, nightclubs and bars, premises liability lawyers Fiore Achermann work with industry, construction and property management investigators and experts to prove what happened and show how the responsible party fell below the standard of care for promoters, operators, building owners, property managers and landlords. Their experience includes:

  • Rotten Decks, Balconies & Stairs

  • Unsafe Walkways & Paths

  • Construction Defects

  • Construction Accidents

  • Nuisance & Trespass

  • Tenant Rights & Habitability

  • Trip & Falls/Slip & Falls

  • Dog Bites & Dangerous Animals

  • Music Venues, Nightclubs, Bars & Concerts

  • Dangerous Streets, Highways & Roadways