$25 million Settlement

Loss of several family members of surviving heir suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

$13 million Judgment

Child sexually abused by soccer coach

$7.5 million Verdict

Woman struck in crosswalk resulting in traumatic brain injury and multiple fractures

$6 million Settlement

Child with broken neck and traumatic brain injury from truck accident; relatives also injured

$6 million Settlement

Family lost husband and father due to dangerous condition of public property and drunk driver

$5.5 million Settlement

Fall from dry rotted and poorly construction balcony, resulting in paraplegia to middle-aged man

$5.5 million Settlement

Long haul trucker run over by another trucker while performing safety locking and inspection

$4 million Settlement

Child sexual abuse of two eighth grade girls by school employee

$3.25 million Settlement

Pedestrian run over by Samtrans bus, government tort liability

$3 million Settlement

Severe burns & anoxic brain injury to child who also lost his mom in fire caused by defective product

$2.98 million Settlement

Vicarious liability of company for accident caused by drunk employee

$2.4 million Settlement

Woman struck in crosswalk resulting in severe knee and back injuries

$2 million Settlement

Teenager stuck and killed by CalTrain at station crossing

$1.95 million settlement

Plaintiff v. Landlord premises liability

$1.8 million Settlement

Victims of gun shots fired at night club due to inadequate security and screening

$1.5 million Settlement

Semi-truck driver cut-off motorist on a two-lane highway resulting in two deaths

$1.4 million Settlement

Concert patron suffered back and head injuries when hit and assaulted by unruly patron

$1.275 million Settlement

Policy limits from negligent driver injury father and son, and killing pregnant mom

$1.25 million Settlement

Student injured at school due to improperly anchored and negligently secured bounce house

$1.25 million Settlement

Action against supply company employer for sexual abuse of minor by employee on the job

$1 million Settlement

Policy limits settlement for wrongful death of motorcycle rider hit by company vehicle

$990,000 Settlement

Disabled elderly man in nursing home caused to suffer fatal fall during transport

$930,000 Settlement

Motorcycle rider run over by passing car, suffering compound leg fracture

$700,000 Settlement

Worker injured on the job due to kitchen equipment explosion from poor maintenance of gas line

$500,000 Settlement

Bus driver ran over disabled woman in wheelchair, suffering chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

$400,000 Settlement

Policy limits to man with cervical spine injuries requiring fusion surgery and injury to wife in car crash

$152,500 Settlement

Slip and fall at restaurant due to leaking drink dispenser

$60,000 Verdict

Motorcycle driver and passenger injured by negligent driver, sustaining shoulder and ankle injuries

$1.15 billion Judgment

Jennifer and Sophia are proud members of the winning lead paint case team. In 2014, Santa Clara Superior Court Judge James P. Kleinberg (Ret.) ordered lead paint companies to pay into a fund to remove lead paint from the homes of 10 California cities and counties to prevent lead poisoning of children.