Jennifer Fiore & Sophia Achermann seek justice in order to hold wrongdoers accountable and prevent future harm to the most vulnerable members of our society — the young, elderly and dependent adults as well as those who are victims of abuse or assault at hotels, nightclubs or other venues.

Fiore Achermann has the experience and know-how to get closure and just compensation for the harm suffered by victims of abuse or neglect. Recoverable damages usually include past and future medical and psychological treatment, including for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), funds for educational assistance and past and future lost wages or earnings, emotional distress and pain and suffering.

Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse or molestation occurs when an adult or older adolescent uses a child for sexual stimulation or gratification. Forms of child sexual abuse include sexual activities with a child, indecent exposure, using a child for child pornography or child grooming. For over ten years, Jennifer Fiore & Sophia Achermann have represented victims of child sexual abuse against the perpetrators, schools, religious institutions, churches and sports teams.

Religious, Youth & Sport Organizations

Under California law, employers generally have a duty to act with due care in hiring employees that work with children. Parents and guardians trust their child or loved one will not be abused when participating in a team sport, being a member of a church or community group, such as the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. Employers may be liable for negligent hiring, training, supervision and retention when an employee abuses a child and they fail to protect children from abuse.


Tragically, teachers, administrators, yard-duty supervisors, custodians and more abuse school-aged children on and off campus, from preschool to high school, from top students to special education and autistic children. California has laws in place to protect children from abuse while entrusted to day care providers and schools. Fiore Achermann know how to hold school owners, operators and districts accountable for failing to protect students from sexual predators, failing to prevent physical abuse, failing to prevent sexual abuse, failing to recognize red flags and signs of abuse, and failing to properly supervise employees and independent contractors.

Elder Abuse & Nursing Home Neglect

Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE), assisted living facilities, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities provide essential assistance and care for dependent adults and the elderly. Residents of RCFEs, nursing homes, assisted living and rehabilitation facilities have rights relating to dignity, quality of life and quality of care. Many of these facilities are focused on maximizing profits rather than making sure the activities of daily living and care needs of their residents and clients are met by experienced and properly trained employees. As a result, vulnerable residents and patients may be victims of neglect, abuse or negligence and suffer a severe injury or death.

Fiore Achermann have prosecuted many types of injury and wrongful death cases stemming from abuse and neglect and stand ready to do the same for you and your family.