Traumatic Injuries

Skilled Representation for Traumatic Injury Claims in California

Every injury impacts the victim, but some have worse consequences than others. Traumatic injuries like burns, amputations, and spinal damage can affect the rest of your life. 

If you’ve suffered a traumatic injury, you need the assistance of a skilled attorney to guide you in moving forward after sustaining injuries in a fire or other serious accident caused by another party’s negligence. 

It can be difficult for traumatic injury victims to fully recover their financial, emotional, and physical losses from negligent parties. That is where Jennifer Fiore, Sophia Achermann, and Alexandra Hamilton can assist. They are skilled traumatic injury attorneys with in-depth experience representing clients who have been severely harmed in accidents. If you have suffered a life-changing accident, do not hesitate to contact the severe injury law firm of Fiore Achermann by calling (415) 550-0650 or reaching out online

What Is a Traumatic Injury?

California law does not provide a specific definition for traumatic injuries. It is a “term of art” frequently used to describe personal injury cases that are not explicitly covered in extant legislation. Whether a given injury is considered traumatic is determined on a case-by-case basis by considering the impact it had on the victim’s life. 

However, some standards are frequently used to judge whether an accident caused a severe level of harm. In general, the judge or jury will consider factors such as:

  • The pain caused by the injury
  • The length of time necessary to fully recover
  • The amount of medical care and ongoing physical therapy required to recover
  • Whether the damage will lead to long-lasting or permanent pain or disabilities
  • Whether the injury causes the loss of a sense or body part
  • Whether the injury increases the risk of future fatality

For example, a broken bone that heals in a month or two may not be seen as traumatic. In contrast, a complex fracture that requires surgery to repair or a crushing injury that requires amputation of a digit or limb would be considered traumatic. 

We have diligently represented seriously injured individuals and families in all kinds of accidents, including:

  • Back, neck & spinal cord injuries: Injuries to your spine can lead to paralysis and lifelong pain. Whether your back was injured in a car crash, sports accident, or fall, the party who caused the accident may be liable for your injuries. 
  • Concussions & traumatic brain injuries: Brain injuries can impact your physical, mental, and emotional well-being for the rest of your life. We are prepared to help you pursue compensation for your pain and suffering. 
  • Burn injuries: Burns are known for leading to long and painful recoveries. At Fiore Achermann, we have significant experience representing burn victims as they pursue justice. 
  • Amputation injuries: Some catastrophic accidents may lead to amputations of digits or limbs. You have the right to pursue compensation for the loss of part of your body after these accidents. 

We can help you seek fair compensation for the long-lasting losses these problems can cause, including negligent infliction of emotional distress, intentional infliction of emotional distress, nuisance, and inverse condemnation. 

Why Does It Matter If an Injury Is Traumatic?

Whether an injury is traumatic can significantly affect the outcome of personal injury claims. These injuries have long-lasting physical, emotional, and financial consequences for the victims. As such, courts and juries often award them greater damages. 

The increase in damages for a traumatic injury may include:

  • Funds to cover future related medical expenses 
  • Higher pain and suffering awards
  • Punitive damages against the liable party

Traumatic Fire Injury Burns in California

Burns are among the most serious traumatic injuries you can suffer. Third-degree burns are notoriously painful and often require surgeries and skin grafts to heal. Severe burns often lead to permanent scarring and may require the amputation of affected body parts. In addition, many burn victims face an increased risk of secondary infections during recovery.

Burn injuries are also unfortunately common. You may be burned because of the following:

Depending on the circumstance, many parties may be liable for your burns. For instance, if you’re burned in a car accident caused by another person, their insurance may be liable. Meanwhile, if you’re hurt in a structure fire, the owner of the premises may be liable. Similarly, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is often liable for wildfires caused by damaged electrical infrastructure.

Receiving full compensation from an insurance carrier for fire damages or pursuing a lawsuit against a utility company like (PG&E) is complex. You shouldn’t have to face the stress and uncertainties involved alone. 

These cases require the attention, skill, and experience of California wildfire attorneys at Fiore Achermann, who are well-versed in fire disasters and how to maximize your recovery. They are currently counsel of record in the Ghost Ship fire case and the CONCEPTION dive boat fire case.

Expert Legal Counsel for Traumatic Injuries and Burns in California

Jennifer, Sophia, and Alexandra can assist you with filing your claim against the insurance policy of the party liable for your traumatic injuries. We can work with home, business, or car insurance companies so that you are compensated to the full extent possible under the policy. We will also work to prevent insurance companies from acting unreasonably, against the terms of the policy, or in bad faith. Contact the traumatic injury and fire attorneys at Fiore Achermann for a free consultation to discuss rebuilding and reclaiming your losses today. They stand ready to assist you in your fight for justice.