Premises & Construction Site Accidents

Legal Representation for Premises Liability Claims

California law requires building owners, landlords, operators, and lessees, and building contractors to keep premises reasonably safe so that visitors, workers, tenants, and guests don’t get hurt. However, many of these parties are negligent and allow their premises to fall into disrepair. This is how accidents happen, potentially leading to severe injuries. 

For nearly fifty years combined, the skilled attorneys at Fiore Achermann have been successfully holding negligent property owners and property managers accountable when they unreasonably fail to keep their premises in a safe condition. Jennifer Fiore, Sophia Achermann, and Alexandra Hamilton are prepared to assist you with pursuing justice for your injuries and holding negligent businesses and property owners accountable for the harm they cause. Learn more about how we can help you by scheduling your consultation.

Understanding Premises Liability Injuries

Our skilled attorneys have substantial experience handling all types of injuries caused by someone’s negligent management of an apartment complex, residential building, home, commercial building,  construction sites, or public property. They have also handled nuisance and trespass cases that have interfered with people’s free use of their homes or property and comfortable enjoyment of life or property. 

Construction sites present hazards not only for the construction workers but for the people merely living, working, or traveling near a construction site. The team at Fiore Achermann represents construction workers and residents who have been injured at or near a construction site.

From construction sites to apartment complexes, condos to music venues, restaurants to bars, premises liability lawyers Fiore Achermann understand how to move your case forward. We work with industry, construction, and property management investigators and experts to prove what happened and show how the responsible party fell below the standard of care for property owners and caretakers. Our experience includes successfully pursuing compensation for injuries caused by:

The Complications of Construction Site Injuries

Construction sites are particularly dangerous for employees, visitors, and passers-by. The partners at Fiore Achermann have significant experience with injuries caused by construction site negligence. We are available to represent you if you have been harmed by construction site accidents:

  • Failure to meet OSHA safety standards on construction sites
  • Failure to properly train employees about safety
  • Lack of safety inspections
  • Poor supervision of dangerous worksites 
  • Neglect of precautions such as warning signs and fences intended to keep uninvolved people from entering dangerous areas

Get in Touch With Our Skilled Premises Liability Attorneys 

You have the right to pursue compensation if you have been harmed in a premises liability accident. Whether you were injured on a construction site or hurt in a slip-and-fall accident, the qualified lawyers at Fiore Achermann are prepared to help. We are available to represent you in construction firm liability and other premises liability claims. Learn more by calling us at (415) 550-0650 or reaching out online.