Fiore Achermann Files Suit in California Wine Country Massage Therapist Sexual Assault Case

Fiore Achermann has filed suit in Alameda County Superior Court on behalf of a guest, identified only as Jane Doe, alleging sexual assault by a massage therapist, Vincent Ahern, at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn spa. The complaint details that during a massage in September 2022, Ahern assaulted Doe. The lawsuit targets Ahern, Sonoma Mission Inn Management Company LLC, Sonoma Hotel Operator Inc., and Accor Hotels & Resorts, accusing them of failing to protect Doe from the assault.

Doe, 48, reported the incident to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, initially hesitating to press charges, but later requested the investigation to continue. The District Attorney’s Office stated that no criminal cases against Ahern have been received, and he has not been charged. Ahern, with 27 years of service at the spa, had no prior issues reported before this incident.

The lawsuit alleges a pattern of negligence and misconduct at the Sonoma Mission Inn and its sister property, the Claremont Club & Spa in Berkeley. It cites over a dozen accusations over two decades, including a similar 2017 case against another masseur. It claims the resort was aware of Ahern’s previous inappropriate behavior but failed to act adequately.

The incident occurred after Doe and her husband, who were visiting from Nashville, were awarded a weekend trip to the resort, which is known for its spa and amenities. Doe recounted how Ahern instructed her to undress without providing a sheet for coverage and then proceeded to assault her during the massage.

Following the incident, Doe experienced severe emotional distress, leading to panic attacks and therapy. The lawsuit highlights a broader issue of sexual assault in spa settings and accuses Accor and Fairmont of not taking sufficient action to prevent these incidents. Doe’s attorney emphasized the need for justice and accountability for the victims.Fiore Achermann is dedicated to pursuing justice on behalf of Doe. The law firm has a long track record of helping victims of massage therapy sexual assault pursue justice for the harm they have suffered. Doe’s attorneys intend to hold both Ahern and the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn spa accountable for Doe’s assault and the mental and physical distress she has experienced as a result.